Cambridge Recognized in Nationwide Commuting Study


NerdWallet, a financial literacy website, has compiled a list of cities with the greenest commuting habits.

NerdWallet has ranked Cambridge, MA as the greenest commuting city after assessing the percentage of residents who use commuting methods with varying levels of environmental impact:

  1. No environmental impact: Percentage of residents who walk to work, bike to work or work from home 
  2. Low environmental impact: Percentage of residents who take public transportation. 
  3. Moderate environmental impact: Percentage of residents who carpool. 
  4. High environmental impact: Percentage of residents who drive alone to work.

NerdWallet’s study found that only 28% of Cambridge’s residents drive alone to work with the majority of commuters opting for more eco-friendly alternatives. The city’s walkable layout allows commuters to get where they’re going with minimal environmental impact, as Cambridge boasts an impressive 89/100 on Cambridge’s strong commitment to sustainability is also evidenced by its use of green public transportation vehicles, LED street lights and a comprehensive recycling system.

“It is clear that Cambridge makes a conscious effort to make environmental sustainability a priority,” said Divya Raghavan, Analyst, NerdWallet. “The city has demonstrated a commitment to recycling with its mandatory recycling program and single stream recycling, which conveniently allows residents to mix bottles, cans, paper and cardboard in the same bin.”