Now in Cambridge - Protected Bike Lanes


Separated Bicycle Lane

What is a protected bike lane?

Protected bike lanes are lanes for bicycles that are separated from moving motorized vehicle traffic. The first of these types of lanes in Cambridge that is at the same grade as the road (as opposed to at sidewalk level, as on Vassar Street, Western Ave. and Concord Ave.) has been installed on Ames Street, between Broadway and Main Street.

Protected bike lanes help to make travelling on the road safer for cyclists by being separated from regular motor vehicle traffic. This is not only by being physically separated from moving traffic, but especially because conflicts with parked cars are removed; this avoids “dooring” crashes, as well as those resulting from cars entering or exiting parking spaces (“sideswipes”).

Protected bike lanes also encourage people who wish to ride their bicycles, but do not always feel safe in regular traffic lanes or in regular bicycle lanes.

For more information

For more information, contact Cara Seiderman,, 617/349-4629.

You can also look to our full page on bicycle infrastructure