Cambridge Compact for a Sustainable Future



Cambridge Compact for a Sustainable Future

In what is considered to be the first agreement of its kind, MIT, Harvard University and the City of Cambridge developed a compact to work collaboratively to address issues related to sustainability and climate change on a local basis. The “Cambridge Compact for a Sustainable Future” lays out a framework for signatories to work in a more coordinated and robust fashion to tackle local sustainability challenges. Open to eligible organizations and individuals, the Compact aims to leverage the different organizations’ core skills and competencies in research, best practices and governance to generate new solutions in the areas of building energy efficiency, sustainable transportation, climate mitigation and adaptation, waste reduction, water management, renewable energy, urban natural resource management, and green tech incubation.

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Signatory Members

  • City of Cambridge
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Akamai Technologies
  • Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
  • Biogen Idec
  • BioMed Realty
  • Boston Properties, Inc.
  • Cambridge Innovation Center
  • Cambridge Redevelopment Authority
  • Camp, Dresser & McKee (CDM)
  • Draper Laboratory
  • Forest City Commercial Group
  • Genzyme, a Sanofi Company
  • Google
  • Homeowners Rehab, Inc.
  • Novartis
  • NSTAR/Northeast Utilities
  • Twining Properties
  • Whole Foods