Climate Protection Action Committee


The City Manager appoints a standing Climate Protection Action Committee (CPAC) as an advisory committee to assist in the implementation of the Climate Protection Plan. The Committee periodically develops recommendations to the City Manager.  Past recommendations are available by clicking here. 

Committee Membership

The committee is made up of community members who take an active interest in climate change issues in Cambridge and who live or work in Cambridge. Current members are:

  • Lauren Miller, Chair
  • Johanna Jobin, Vice Chair
  • JerryLyn Huckabee, Secretary
  • Olga Faktorovich Allen
  • Betsy Boyle
  • Sarah Brylinsky, MIT
  • Melissa Chan
  • Thomas Chase
  • Amber Clifton
  • Peter Crawley
  • Tim DeGarmo, Cambridge Health Alliance
  • Keith Giamportone 
  • Shawn Hesse
  • Sarah Kennedy, Chamber of Commerce
  • Ted Live
  • Kris Locke, Harvard University
  • Sarah Mandlebaum
  • Christopher Nielson
  • Tom Page
  • Paula Phipps
  • David Rabkin
  • Marguerite Reynolds
  • Keren Schlomy
  • William Zamparelli, Eversource
  • Quinton Zondervan
  • Jackie Cefola, Associate Member
  • Sarah Hill, Associate Member
  • Suzanne Shepard, Associate Member

Meeting Dates, Agendas and Meeting Minutes

The Cambridge Climate Protection Action Committee meets regularly, usually on the second Thursday of the month between 6:00 P. M. and 8:00 P. M. Meetings generally take place at the City Hall Annex at 344 Broadway. Climate Protection Action Committee meetings are open to the public and non-members are welcome to attend. CPAC sometimes creates task forces to work on particular questions, and community members are invited to join in this work.

Climate Protection Committee meetings are advertised in the citywide Calendar of Events.

Date Agenda Minutes
 January 14, 2016  Agenda Minutes
 February 11, 2016  Agenda Minutes
March 10, 2016 Agenda Minutes 
 April 14, 2016 Agenda Minutes 
 May 12, 2016 Agenda
June 9, 2016 Agenda
 July 14, 2016 Agenda
 August 11, 2016 No Meeting No Meeting 
 September 8, 2016 Agenda
October 13, 2016 Agenda
 November 10, 2016

 December 8, 2016

View older agendas and meeting minutes from the Climate Protection Action Committee.

For More Information

For more information about the Climate Protection Action Committee contact John Bolduc at 617/349-4628 or by email at