Metro Mayors Climate Commitment


Image of Metro Mayors net zero goal announcement

In the second Metro Mayors Climate Preparedness Summit, 14 cities and towns, including Cambridge, Boston and Somerville, pledged to build on and expand their climate leadership. By 2020, we commit that each municipality will develop and/or update a local climate mitigation plan and implement at least three climate mitigation actions. By 2050, we commit that the region will achieve net zero/carbon-free status.

In May 2015, the Metropolitan Mayors Coalition (MMC) adopted the Metro Boston Climate Preparedness Commitment. The Commitment created the Metro Boston Climate Preparedness Taskforce to guide regional climate decisions in a collaborative manner. The Taskforce supports coordination among the existing and planned climate resiliency and mitigation efforts of the communities in metro Boston.

The Taskforce identified four priority areas for 2017: Enhance local alignment and capacity building; Mitigate heat impacts; Mitigate flooding; and Deepen regional, state and federal coordination on public and private infrastructure activities.

For more information on the Metro Mayors Climate Mitigation Commitment, please see the Metropolitan Area Planning Council's (MAPC) website. MAPC is the organizer of the Metro Mayors Coalition.