Solar Hot Water Grants Available

Cambridge Energy Alliance helps defray the cost of solar hot water installation



Cambridge Energy Alliance (CEA), now part of the Community Development Department Environmental & Transportation Planning division, is offering businesses and residents up to $2000 to install solar hot water systems. These systems provide a low cost and sustainable way to make hot water and can often provide 50 to 75 percent of total hot water needs, generating significant savings on utility bills and reducing carbon footprint.

The CEA grant, combined with the state and federal incentives, will allow installation of a new 20-year hot water heating system for up to a 75 percent savings.  The CEA grant program is advantageous for single and multifamily residences as well as businesses, such as gyms, hair salons, laundromats and restaurants, where the use of solar hot water will greatly reduce operating expenses.

The grant process starts with a licensed solar hot water installer completing a Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC) Commonwealth Solar Hot Water Program rebate application.  Applications for the Cambridge Solar Hot Water Grant must be received by November 19, 2012 and require prior completion of the Mass CEC application process.

For more information visit: Cambridge Energy Alliance or contact (617/349- LEAF)