Eastern Cambridge/Kendall Square Open Space Study


New Open Space in the Vicinity of Kendall Square

Interested in open space in Eastern Cambridge and Kendall Square? Over 5 acres of new and renovated public open space will be created, primarily at four locations, in the vicinity of Kendall Square in Eastern Cambridge.

  • Rogers Street between Second and Third Streets
  • Triangle parcel at Land Boulevard and First Street
  • Galileo Way between Broadway and Binney Street
  • Point Park at Main Street and Broadway

The City, through the Community Development Department, will be starting a public process to explore ways to integrate these new spaces into the existing open space system in Kendall Square and eastern Cambridge and provide a network of well connected, managed and programmed parks and open spaces that serve a variety of users, and provide a range of experiences and environments.

Click here to learn about an upcoming open space planning study for the area and take a brief online survey!