Logan Noise Study

Plane from Logan Airport

The City of Cambridge participates in the Logan Airport Noise Study Advisory Committee, which seeks to find ways to reduce noise coming from Logan Airport and devise changes to airport flight patterns and procedures so that fewer people in the greater Boston area are affected by overflight noise.

The City also has a seat on the Massport Community Advisory Committee and collaborates closely with the towns of Arlington, Belmont, and Watertown to address airplane noise concerns.

Cambridge Community Meeting on Airplane Noise

Thursday, September 7, 7 PM, Russell Youth Center, 680 Huron Ave.

Join Cambridge's local, state, and federal officials in a conversation regarding the ongoing airplane noise over North and West Cambridge. Due to a change in runway navigation at Logan Airport, residents from these neighborhoods are experiencing frequent, continuous, and significant noise from departing flights. Come discuss what can be done with City of Cambridge staff and your elected officials.

We'll be joined by representatives from Rep. Mike Capuano and Rep. Katherine Clark's offices, State Sen. Pat Jehlen, State Rep. Jon Hecht, Cambridge City Councillor Jan Devereux and Cambridge City Councillor Craig Kelley.

Presentation on Logan Airport noise updates, given by Bill Deignan on 9/7/17

On January 14, 2013 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the Draft Environmental Assessment for the Boston-Logan International Airport Runway 33L Area Navigation (RNAV) Standard Instrument Departure (SID). You can find the document via the project website. The City of Cambridge submitted comments on this study which you can find here.

Massport Update on Summer Runway Work - June 13, 2017

Today, almost a month into work, the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) is pleased to report that the critical Runway 4R-22L Resurfacing and Approach Light Pier Replacement Safety Project is progressing on schedule and will result in the rehabilitation of one of Logan Airport’s key runways and the replacement of a light pier used in operations. The runway is expected to reopen for use by June 23rd. This project is necessary to maintain the high standards of safety at Logan.

The runway reconstruction project began in mid-May with the closure of Runway 4R-22L and is expected to continue through June 23rd as critical work is done to maintain and repair one of Logan’s major runways. The paving in the majority of the phases has been completed, with pavement markings, landscaping and lighting work remaining. Additional work not requiring the extended closure of 4R-22L will continue through November.

The continuous work schedule and closure was agreed upon in consultation and coordination with the airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration enhances safety and will reduce the overall construction timeline, bringing normal operations back faster. This important project is running on schedule and Massport expects Runway 4R-22L to be open again for use at the end of the day on June 23rd.

“Safety is Massport’s top priority,” said Massport CEO Thomas P. Glynn. “While routine, this project will repair one of our critical runways ensuring the safest environment for the traveling public, our employees and communities. We appreciate the patience of our neighboring communities and the travelling public as flight patterns have changed and apologize for any inconvenience this work may have caused.”

This work is part of routine, but essential, safety maintenance projects that occur annually throughout airport property. The main goal of this project will be to replace the asphalt pavement that has deteriorated. The pavements were last rehabilitated in the years 2005, 2006 and 2008.

This project will include work both on the runway and at the runway’s end to replace the light pier. The existing wooden pier will be replaced with a concrete pier designed to last 75 years; the current pier was originally constructed in 1955, with repairs last made in 2016. Work on the approach light pier replacement is progressing according to schedule.

Massport Community Relations can be reached at 617-568-3711.

You can find us on Facebook at facebook.com/bostonlogan and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/bostonlogan.

Noise complaints

If you have a question or concern about aviation-related noise at Boston Logan, please complete Massport’s on-line form. First-time users will have to register on the portal before submitting their initial complaint. You may also call Massport’s Noise Complaint Line at 617/561-3333. This line is staffed by Massport’s Noise Abatement Office from 6:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M. on business days. Calls during off hours, weekends and holidays, utilize an automated Noise report/message line for the Noise Abatement staff by calling 617/561-3333.

For answers to some of Massport’s most frequently asked questions, please check out the Noise FAQ’s. You may also find it helpful to read about How Logan Operates.

When a complaint is reported, the date and time are researched and a response is generated- typically within 3 to 4 weeks. The report will normally include information (e.g., aircraft operations, altitude relative to complainant’s address, meteorological information, runways in use and background information if appropriate). There are limits to the type of information can be provided for non-Logan Flights, such as helicopters and small propeller aircraft. Please note that repetitious e-mails within a very short time period will be treated as one general report of noise disturbance.

Track Flights with Flight Monitor

Massport provides a near live flight track display tool called Flight Monitor. This function can help residents identify flights that may impact their neighborhood.

For More Information

For more information contact Bill Deignan at 617/349-4632 or wdeignan@cambridgema.gov.