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Bishop Allen Apartments (formerly Norstin Apartments)

Bishop Allen

Just A Start’s acquisition and preservation of this former expiring use property in March 2012 will ensure that this valuable housing resource, containing 32 large family-sized rental units in Central Square, will be preserved for generations of families.  Purchased only weeks before the project’s last affordability restriction was due to expire, renovations at Bishop Allen will begin during the summer of 2-14.

The acquisition and preservation of Bishop Allen Apartments was made possible through the coordinated efforts among tenants, tenant advocates, state agencies, and the City, as well as the willingness of the former private owner to ensure preservation by selling to Just-A-StartJust-A-Start was able to negotiate a purchase with the seller through the state’s Chapter 40T exemption process which encourages preservation sales.

The restoration of these four adjacent buildings will contribute significantly to the Central Square neighborhood and will ensure that this housing will be available to low and moderate-income families for years to come.

Property has been acquired by Just-A-Start.  Renovations are planned to begin during the Summer of 2014. 

The project includes the following four properties

  • 51 Norfolk Street: Land Area: 3,920 square feet
  • 58-64 Norfolk Street: Land area: 8,387 square feet
  • 70 Bishop Allen Drive: Land area: 3,381 square feet
  • 77 Bishop Allen Drive: Land area: 4,697 square feet

Each of the 4 properties has 8 units for a total of 32 units

Units: 52 Two Bedroom Units and 27 Three Bedroom Units

Funders: Cambridge Affordable Housing Trust

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Bishop Allen is owned and operated by Just-A-Start (JAS). If you are interested in applying for housing at Bishop Allen, please contact Maloney Properties at 617/661-7190.

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