Aging in Cambridge

The Community Development Department working with the Department of Human Service Programs has been exploring the housing needs of the senior population.

In the report Aging in the Cambridge Community the Department of Human Services outlines the range of services available to seniors in Cambridge, and the Community Development Department discusses key issues in the planning areas of transportation, economic development, zoning, parks and housing.

At the same time, the Community Development Department completed a report entitled Housing Options for Older Cantabrigians that provides a demographic review of the Cambridge residents 55 and older and an assessment of their existing housing options. This report was the first part of a two stage process.

The second part of the review of housing needs of elders was conducted through the 2011 Silver Ribbon Commission.  Read the report of the Commission Creating a Vision: Cambridge as an Aging Friendly Community: Housing Options 2012-2030.

Aging in Cambridge Housing Action Plan and Survey

Following the December 2012 release of the Silver Ribbon Commission (SRC) report, the Community Development Department has been implementing the recommendations of the Commission. In a series of community meetings this spring, we informed residents about the findings and recommendations of the SRC and gathered information to assist in next steps. As part of the Year I Action Plan, we also established the Silver Ribbon Subcommittee to collaborate in the development of a housing survey for Cambridge elders and baby boomers. 

Two surveys were completed during the Summer of 2013. A professional survey company conducted the Aging in Cambridge: Housing Options for Residents 55+ telephone survey. In addition, the Community Development Department conducted a supplemental web survey during the same period. Between the statistically significant phone survey and the web survey we heard from over 530 Cambridge residents 55+ (400 phone, 138 web).

Read the Final Report of the telephone-based Housing Options for Residents 55+ survey.

Read the Summary of Findings from the web-based survey.

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