Watertown-Cambridge Greenway

Map of Watertwon Cambridge Greenway project area
Map of Land Acquisition

The Watertown-Cambridge Greenway is an effort recently launched with the joint purchase of a former B&M Railroad line, the Watertown Branch, by the City of Cambridge and the state's Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) to create a multi-use pathway and greenway.  This purchase which includes former rail road right-of-way from Concord Avenue in Cambridge, through the Fresh Pond Reservation, under Huron Avenue and into Watertown will be developed into a pedestrian and bicycle path which will help complete the important regional connection linking the Charlies River path system and the Minuteman Bikeway. 

The City and the DCR will work jointly, along with the community to develop a design for this path.  At the current time, state design funds are being identified to begin this process.  No construction timeframe has yet been identified. The corridor runs from the Fitchburg Line (MBTA commuter rail) in Cambridge, past Fresh Pond and ends in Watertown, MA near the Charles River. A portion of this rail corridor in Watertown has already been converted to the rail trail by the DCR. The completion of this project would create on off-road trail connection between the Minuteman Path and paths along the Charles River.

See a map of the right-of-way purchased by the City of Cambridge and DCR.


June 2013

The City of Cambridge, in partnership with the Dept. of Conservation and Recreation, purchased a significant portion of the former rail right of way known as the Watertown Branch, which runs from Concord Avenue by Fresh Pond, under Huron Avenue and into Watertown. A multi-use path will eventually be constructed and create a regional off-road connection from the Charles River to the Minuteman Bikeway. We will continue to update you on design and construction information.

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The Watertown-Cambridge Greenway is a new project. The DCR is identifying design funds for creating a multi-use path. No construction schedule has been determined as this will depend upon the design being completed, and construction funds identified.

The City of Cambridge has identified this corridor as a high priority to convert to a rail trail through studies such as the city's:

For additional information, please contact Bill Deignan at e-mail: wdeignan@cambridgema.gov or at 617/349-4632.