Mount Auburn Street - Gibson Street to Fresh Pond Parkway Traffic Calming Project

Mount Auburn Street

Mount Auburn Street from Gibson Street to Fresh Pond Parkway will be under construction beginning in the late summer of 2014, with completion expected in 2015. In addition to constructing new sidewalk ramps and general roadway reconstruction, the project includes curb extensions to enhance safety for pedestrians. These renovations were developed through an extensive community process, which included three neighborhood meetings organized by the City and several meetings with individual property owners.

The proposed work includes construction of curb extensions at Gibson Street, Longfellow Road and Channing Street. In addition, a new crosswalk with a curb extension is being added at Mount Auburn Street at Gibson Street. Also flush crossing islands are also being added to the existing crosswalk at Trail Street. The project also includes the realignment of the exclusive right turn lane from Fresh Pond Parkway onto Mount Auburn Street, which will encourage slow speeds for vehicles making this turn.