Second Street Traffic Calming Project

Second Street

Second Street from Rogers Street to Gore Street will be under construction during 2014, with completion expected by the late Fall. In addition to the reconstruction of portions of the sidewalks, construction of new sidewalk ramps and roadway reconstruction, the project includes traffic calming elements to reduce vehicle speeds and enhance safety for pedestrians. These were developed through a community process, which included two neighborhood meetings organized by the city and the presentation and discussion of the proposed improvements to the East Cambridge Planning Team.

The proposed work includes construction of new curb extensions at the intersections with Rogers Street, Hurley Street, Spring Street, and Thorndike Street. Reconstruction of existing curb extensions at Otis Street. New pedestrian crosswalk at Bent Street with curb extensions and the construction of a raised intersection at Charles Street with the removal if the existing stop sign on Second Street. The stop sign on Charles Street will remain.