New and Current Bicycle Projects

This page highlights key ongoing and completed bicycle facility improvement projects, but it is not an exhaustive summary of all bicycle improvements.

See a map of the current bicycle facilities.

Give Feedback on Cambridge St. and Brattle St. Projects

To enable people of all ages, abilities, and modes to travel more safely, the City recently implemented two projects involving the installation of separated bicycle lanes on multimodal corridors – the Brattle Street Participatory Budgeting project and the Cambridge Street Bicycle Safety Demonstration project. The City is now seeking feedback on these projects from all community members who use those streets through two options: 1) surveys and 2) Wikimap public comment maps. Using the links below, please share your thoughts on one or both of the projects.

Cambridge Street Feedback

Brattle Street Feedback

South Massachusetts Avenue

To improve safety and reliability for users of the south Massachusetts Avenue corridor, the City is evaluating “quick build” changes to the street from Sidney Street to Memorial Drive, with an emphasis on increasing the comfort and convenience of people walking, biking, and riding buses. Learn about the South Massachusetts Avenue Corridor Safety Improvements Project.

Cambridge Street Separated Bike Lanes

Last year, the Cambridge City Council requested the swift implementation of safer street designs through separated bike lanes, building off of the City's adoption of a Complete Streets Policy, a Vision Zero Policy, and reduced speed limits citywide. This led to the Cambridge Street Bicycle Safety Demonstration Project, which, as the result of a robust community process, includes separated bike lanes on Cambridge Street between Quincy and Fayette Streets with new line striping and signage. With the installation of this project, cyclists of all ages and abilities now have a safer way to travel along Cambridge Street between Harvard Square and Inman Square. Learn more about separated bicycle lanes.

Cambridge Street

Cambridge street bicycle safety demonstration project rendering
Separated bike lane from Quincy Street to Fayette Street

North Massachusetts Avenue Bike Lanes

As a Participatory Budgeting Item in 2015, Cambridge residents voted to create short-term immediate measures in the form of better roadway markings and signage for the safety of people bicycling along north Massachusetts Avenue. As part of this project, the City installed designated bikes lanes on Massachusetts Avenue between Beech Street and Route 16 (Alewife Brook Parkway). The markings and signing vary with conditions along the Avenue, and include regular bike lanes, green markings at conflict points, shared lane markings, added signing, and short sections of separated bike lanes. This project complements the City’s Vision Zero and Complete Streets Policies.

Participatory Budgeting and Separated Bike Lanes

Through the City Participatory Budgeting Process, Cambridge citizens voted to fund the creation of new separated bike lanes. Two projects, on Brattle Street and Massachusetts Avenue, were identified as feasible within the allotted budget; involving pavement marking and signing changes, but no significant construction and minimal changes to motor vehicle parking. Both projects were installed in July 2017.

Brattle Street

brattle street bike lane rendering
Two-way separated bike lane from Mason Street to Eliot Street

Massachusetts Avenue

mass ave bike lane rendering
Separated bike lane from Trowbridge Street to Bow Street

Huron Avenue Buffered Bicycle Lanes

Buffered bike lanes were added on Huron Avenue, between Concord Avenue and Fresh Pond Parkway, as part of the Huron Avenue reconstruction project. Buffered bike lanes are conventional bicycle lanes with a designated buffer space separating the bicycle lane from the parking lane, intended to reduce the likelihood of “dooring." View the full plans

Huron Avenue

huron ave buffered bike lanes
Buffered bike lanes from Concord Avenue to Fresh Pond Parkway

Broadway Separated Bicycle Lanes

Separated bicycle lanes were installed on the section of Broadway between Galileo Galilei Way and Hampshire Street, a previously difficult stretch for cyclists, motorists, and buses due to lane crossings and illegal occupation of lanes by motor vehicle parking. Additionally, segregated straight and turning signal periods at the adjacent intersections reduces potential conflicts.


broadway separated bike lanes
Separated bike lanes from Galileo Galilei Way to Hampshire Street

Shared Lane Markings on Key Corridors

Shared Lane Markings (SLMs), or “sharrows,” are road markings used to indicate that the lane is intended to be shared by bicycles and motor vehicles. Among other benefits, SLMs reinforce the legitimacy of bicycle traffic on the street, recommend proper bicyclist positioning, and may be configured to offer directional and wayfinding guidance.

Shared Lane Markings were added this year to these streets:

  • Oxford St.
  • Linnaean St.
  • Garden Street (partial – markings not yet complete)

Oxford Street

oxford sharrow
Shared Lane Markings

Bicycle Signals at Linear Park/Massachusetts Avenue Crossing

To improve the safety and efficiency of cyclists crossing Massachusetts Avenue along the Alewife Linear Park path, bicycle signals have been installed at the path crossing, at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Cedar Street. New pavement markings have also been added to highlight the dedicated bicycle intersection crossing.

The signal timing of the intersection has been updated to include a bicycle only signal phase, allowing cyclists to safely cross through the intersection separate from vehicular traffic. This phase overlaps with the left turn movement from Massachusetts Avenue onto Harvey Street.

linear park bike signal 

Learn more about bicycle signals, their benefits, and where other bicycle signals are located in the City of Cambridge.

Pilot/Demonstration Projects

In December of 2016, two sections of separated bicycle facilities were installed as trials for fast implementation on Massachusetts Avenue:

  • In Central Square, traveling northbound between Sydney Street and Douglass Street
  • In front of Harvard Law School, traveling northbound between Waterhouse Street and Everett Street

For More Information

Learn about the different types of bicycle facilities found in our bicycle projects.

For more information about bicycling in Cambridge, please contact Cara Seiderman,, at 617/349-4629.