List of Transportation Studies


Transportation Studies

The City of Cambridge looks to internal and external studies to evaluate transportation projects and inform decisions on best practices in facility design.  Below are some transportation studies with which the City has been involved. 

Bicycle Facility Studies in Cambridge

Hampshire Bicycle Lane Study

In 2003, the City of Cambridge undertook a study to evaluate the influence of bike lanes and other pavement markings on how motorists and bicyclists travel on the road (using Hampshire Street as the study site). The study was particularly focused on how far away bicyclists travel from parked cars, since the threat of being hit by a car door opening suddenly is a serious one. The study found that bike lanes are beneficial, and a survey of cyclists showed that cyclists overwhelmingly favored the bicycle lanes.

Click here to read the Hampshire Bicycle Lane Study.

National Cooperative Highway Research Program Study

The National Cooperative Highway Research Program is conducting a study in Cambridge evaluating various ways of marking bicycle lanes. As part of the study, researchers will be surveying motorists and bicyclists.

Click here to read about this study.

Shared Lane Marking Study

Cambridge was one site for a study undertaken by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) evaluating the efficacy of Shared Lane Markings (also known as "sharrows").

Click here to read the FHWA report.

Other studies

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For More Information

For more information about the studies described, please contact Cara Seiderman at,  617/349-4629.