Traffic Calming Program

Curb extension, Upland Steet at Newell Street

The goal of traffic calming projects is to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods and allow cars to peacefully coexist with other modes of transportation. Traffic calming involves the creation of physical and visual cues, such as speed tables, sidewalk neck downs, and roadway markings which slow the speed of traffic and increase safety. The City generally considers implementing these streetscape changes at the request of community members, with construction often taking place in the course of other projects, such as street repaving and sewer reconstruction.  See below for the Traffic Calming Request form. 

Examples of Traffic Calming Techniques

Two common elements of traffic calming projects in Cambridge are raised devices (raised crosswalks and raised intersections) and curb extensions.

Traffic Calming Projects

Under Design

  • Pearl Street 
  • Thorndike Street - Sciarappa Street to Fulkerson Street

Awaiting Construction

Under Construction

Completed Projects

Traffic Calming Resources

For More Information

For more information about Traffic Calming contact Juan Avendano,, at 617/349-4655.