Energy Efficiency Assistance

Central Square at night Credit: Eric Kilby
Central Square at night Credit: Eric Kilby

Buildings in Cambridge create more greenhouse gases than transportation and waste combined. Commercial, industrial and residential buildings are responsible for over 80% of Cambridge’s greenhouse gas emissions. Energy policies and programs help use energy wisely, while saving money and reducing environmental impacts.

Residents, landlords, renters and small business owners should contact the Cambridge Energy Alliance for help with energy efficiency work or questions. Through the Mass Save program CEA can sign you up for a no-cost home  or a no-cost business energy assessment.

To determine the most effective retrofits for your home we recommend you first schedule a no-cost home energy assessment.

To learn more about energy efficiency improvements for your home visit the DIY Interactive Home. Tips and projects are arranged from least expensive ($) to most expensive ($$$).

The Energy Advisor can help you find solutions. You can get answers addressing any energy topic:

  • High utility bills or trouble paying your bills
  • Uncomfortable rooms in your home
  • Creating a healthy home
  • Making a greener business
  • Grants, rebates, incentives and loans
  • Permits for energy upgrades when remodeling

Check out this great video by the Cambridge Energy Alliance on energy efficiency in our community!

For More Information

For more information contact Meghan Shaw of the Cambridge Energy Alliance at 617/349-5323 or