Other Sustainability Information

In addition to initiatives to make buildings and vehicles more sustainable, the City addresses other issues including:

Urban Forestry

The University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Lab performed an Urban Forest Canopy Assessment for the City to estimate the Cambridge's existing and potential tree canopy cover. The assessment was performed in collaboration with the City's GIS Program and the Public Works and Community Development Departments.

This analysis is useful in developing strategies to reduce the urban heat island effect - the increased temperatures from heat absorbing materials such as pavement that developed urban areas experience compared to surrounding suburban and rural areas. It is also useful in planning the expansion of tree canopy cover for other environmental services such as stormwater management and air pollution mitigation. The assessment found that Cambridge has tree canopy covering about 30% of the city's land area. There is a maximum physical potential to increase tree canopy to cover another 35% of land area, although that figure cannot be fully achieved due to competing land uses and other factors.

Check out our map of the urban tree canopy here in Cambridge.

For More Information

For more information contact John Bolduc at 617/349-4628 or jbolduc@cambridgema.gov.