About Renewable and Clean Energy

Electric Vehicles Only
Electric Vehicles Only

Tackling climate change requires all sectors to do their part. Cambridge has a comprehensive approach to mitigation and adaptation that includes working with residents, building owners, businesses and institutions to carry out energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, while also educating the community at-large.

What are Renewable and Clean Energy Sources?

Renewable Energy

The sun, wind, biomass and geothermal heat from the earth can all be used to generate electricity, keep your shower hot, and heat, cool and light your home or business in a way that is clean, safe, and sustainable.

Clean Energy

While not sustainable like renewable energy resources, cleaner energy can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Natural gas produces 27% less carbon dioxide than heating fuel oil and natural gas is generally less expensive. So switching to natural gas is helpful in reducing green house gas emissions though it is not without serious environmental impacts.

What do we do first - energy efficiency or renewable/clean energy?

Consider pursuing energy efficiency first. Although a new hot water heater or extra insulation are not as glamorous as solar panels, they are far more cost effective. In addition, should you then choose to pursue renewable energy options you won’t need as large a system. The combination of efficiency and renewables is a great way to save money over time and reduce your carbon emissions. See the links below for more information on specific renewable and clean energy resources for your home or business.

Renewable Energy Resources 

For More Information

Please contact Meghan Shaw from the Cambridge Energy Alliance at 617/349-5323 or mshaw@cambridgema.gov.