Women and Minority Owned Business Directory Questionnaire


About the Directory

In the City’s continuing efforts to support and promote minority and women-owned businesses, the Economic Development Division of the Community Development Department maintains a listing of Cambridge’s minority or women-owned businesses. The Division publishes an on-line “Minority and Women-Owned Business Directory”, which lists businesses alphabetically and categorically by business type. The intent is to provide a marketing and networking tool for small businesses and to make this information available to large businesses and institutions in an effort to promote contracting opportunities.

Criteria for Listing

Your business must be 51 percent minority and/or woman-owned business to be eligible to participate in the survey and be listed in the Directory.

The Directory will list only your business type and contact information. Any additional information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will help us develop future programs to assist Cambridge minority and women-owned businesses.

If you are able to save edits, you may either send the form to the Economic Development Division using the "EMAIL" button on page five or save a copy of the form to your own computer and email the document yourself to mwdbsurvey@cambridgema.gov. If you have an older version of Adobe Reader and are unable to save edits, please print out a copy of the form and mail or FAX the document using the instructions.

For More Information

If you would like to have your business listed in the directory, please contact Rona Holmes, rholmes@cambridgema.gov, at 617/349-4637.