1987 Census of Service Industries

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SIC CodeType of BusinessNumber of EstabsReceipts ($1,000)Annual Payroll ($1,000)1st Quarter Payroll ($1,000)Paid EmployeesUnincorporated Individual ProprietershupsUnincorporated Partnerships
70, except 704Hotels, Motels and Other Lodging Places1177304233675481176110
72Personal Services (laundry, photo, beauty, shoe repair, funeral, etc.)9031294101112424631317
73Business Services (advertising, mailing, reproduction, services to dwellings, rental, computer, etc.)2729075753280337857715380234
737Computer and Data Processing14176278524544960038580342
75Automotive Repair, Services and Garages53221646154143934343
76Miscellaneous Repair Services (radio and TV repair, electronics repair, upholstery and furniture repair, etc.)219143318760313151
78, 79, 84Amusement and Recreation, including Motion Pictures and Museums53241846445149653240
80Health Services, including Hospitals2101150004301498112036898
81Legal Services6518128573312842803718
823, 824, 829Selected Education Services166434199639911010
83Social Services118014402158811340
87 except 8733Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management and Related Services (except noncommercial organizations)3406428933046797624984783714
871Engineering, Architectural, and Surveying Services1513113931364713353040211912
874Management and Public Relations Services12919106798670258452219111
83, 892, 9Services Not Elsewhere Classified25105824761111113831
NAAll Cambridge Establishments and Operations116718724157415011794622993323957


  1. Estab refers to establishments.

Source: U. S. Census, Census of Service Industries, 1987.

The figures presented here should not compared to the employment by industry figures generated by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The methodology and intended uses of the information differ, making direct comparisons impracticable.

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