Cambridge Public Schools Student Enrollment

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School YearFiscal YearPreK(1)K to 8(2)Ungraded K to 8(3)All K to 8(4) 9 to 12(2)Ungraded 9 to 12(3)All 9 to 12(4)All K to 12 in CPS Schools(2)All Ungraded in CPS Schools(3)All Enrolled in CPS Schools(4)CPS Supported, Not Enrolled(5)CPS System(6)
1994-1995FY 9536557447360472047102057762148381401518291
1995-1996FY 9626552845159791989112000751746280051638168
1996-1997FY 9724553932158601983131996752233478801738053
1997-1998FY 9825549723257291910151925740724776791957874
1998-1999FY 992352712375508191051915718124274462007646
1999-2000FY 002351192155334193071937704922272942067500
2000-2001FY 012049471925139195101951689819271102577367
2001-2002FY 0250493598503319040190468399869873197306
2002-2003FY 035547221124834187991888660112167773347111
2003-2004FY 0455441785450218870188763048564443126756
2004-2005FY 0550421398431118270182760409861882686456
2005-2006FY 065239201044024173081738565011258142006014
2006-2007FY 0770383798393516120161254499856171885805
2007-2008FY 081113942984040154061546548210456971705867
2008-2009FY 09131400310041031529111540553211157741795953
2009-2010FY 10132411711842351543401583566015859502036153
2010-2011FY 1113841991024301157191580577011160192046223
2011-2012FY 1213541831184301160471611578712560471816228
2012-2013FY 1314442791154394167861684595712162221856407
2013-2014FY 141734447044471738317416185363611726533


  1. PreK refers to Pre-Kindergarten students. These students are educated in pre-school classrooms located within elementary schools. They are not typically included in the student population for the purposes of comparability. 
  2. These figures include only students enrolled in a Cambridge Public School (CPS) school and attending school in a regular classroom environment. 
  3. Ungraded students are those with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and who generally do not receive services in a regular classroom environment. These students may attend some classes with other children of the same age group or ability. As of the 2013-14 school year this category is no longer used for children in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.
  4. Total of students attending CPS schools, whether in a regular classroom environment or ungraded. 
  5. CPS Supported students includes those who are "tuitioned out" to other schools. In other words, CPS pays the tuition for these students to attend another school. The great majority of these are special education students enrolled in another program as part of their IEP. Also included are a small number of students who attend Minuteman High School. In some years figures also included students who were "on sabbatical", i. e., students who has temporarily relocated, who planned to return to Cambridge and whose seats were being held open under the school assignment plan. 
  6. The CPS System figure includes all students receiving services through CPS, whether enrolled in a CPS school or attending another educational program.

Source: Cambridge Public Schools October 1 student  census and enrollment projections.

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