Temporary MWRA Water Usage

February 12, 2016: Continue to make minor adjustments to maintain flow and pressure as we use a small percentage of MWRA water while the rehabilitation of the 40” transmission main on Huron Avenue continues.  This is expected to take about four months to complete. If you experience any unusual water issues such as discoloration or pressure problems, please contact us at 617-349-4770.

February 3, 2016:  As a result of shutting down the 40 inch water transmission main on Huron Avenue, CWD continues to make adjustments in order to maintain water flows and pressure.  As a result, CWD may need to periodically supplement the water supply with up to 10% of MWRA water.   

Today, February 2, 2016, CWD shut down the 40 inch water transmission main on Huron Avenue.  

CWD is replacing the water transmission main in conjunction with the Huron Avenue sewer separation project.  As a result, CWD may need to supplement the Cambridge water supply with MWRA water beginning in mid-February.  The Cambridge Water Department is starting the transition process the week of February 1st.  For up to date information, please follow @CambWaterDept onTwitter or check out www.cambridgema.gov/water.  If you have any questions please call us 617-349-4770.