A New Open Space System for Eastern Cambridge and Kendall Square

Rogers Street Open Space

Over the next several years, property owners, neighborhood groups and the City of Cambridge will together create more than five acres of new and renovated public open space in Kendall Square and Eastern Cambridge, primarily at four locations:

  • Rogers Street between Second and Third Streets
  • Triangle parcel at Land Boulevard and First Street 
  • Galileo Way between Broadway and Binney Street 
  • Point Park at Main Street and Broadway

When combined with existing open space resources nearby, new development underway and planned, and overall growth in the area, a unique opportunity has emerged to shape and implement a comprehensive vision for the entire open space network in Kendall Square and vicinity.

The ECKOS Study

New Open Space in the Vicinity of Kendall SquareThe Eastern Cambridge Kendall Square Open Space Planning Study (ECKOS) now underway is working toward a comprehensive open space plan for the area and will make recommendations on the character and role of the new spaces; integrating new open spaces into the existing public realm; and creating a network of well connected, managed, and programmed parks and open spaces for the area that facilitates a sense of place and identity.

The planning process involves the City Manager appointed Eastern Cambridge Kendall Square Open Space Planning Study Committee, which is working with the community, city staff and consultants to develop priorities and recommendations. The final plan will be created through an open space planning and design competition, which is intended to encourage creative ideas and thinking regarding not only open space design but also connections, programming, and place making.

The open space plan will guide the creation of exceptional, visionary open spaces, further promote the growing innovative character of the area, and reflect priorities and recommendations established during the planning process.

Our Work to Date

A randomized telephone survey of residential households in Kendall Square and East Cambridge was conducted in summer 2012. Three Study Committee meetings have been held since spring 2013, as well as two walking tours of open spaces in the vicinity of Kendall Square. Larger community forums will be held to gather input throughout the process. The City is now working to select and hire a competition coordinator to manage the open space planning and design competition. 

For More Information

Additional information, updates, and materials are available on the web at: www.cambridgema.gov/kendallopenspace.

For more information please contact Gary Chan at 617/349-4603 or by email at: gchan@cambridgema.gov.