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Additional Publications

In addition to the reports and other documents listed in the Publications Directory, the Department produces a number of other reports and newsletters on a regular basis.  These include the following:

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For paper copies and to obtain more information about a publication please contact the Community development Department at 617/349-4600 or

Document Name Description Geography Year
CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy CDBG entitlement communities may define a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area within which greater flexibility is available for the use of CDBG funds. Citywide 2006
Grand Junction Rail-with-Trail Feasibility Study Study of the use of the Grand Junction corridor as location for a linear path. 2006
Concord Alewife Design Guidelines 2006 urban design guidelines recommended to guide the character of future development in the Concord-Alewife Study Area. 2006
Concord Alewife Plan Study of key issues in the Alewife Area, including the mix of uses, including housing, industry, possible City uses, open space, access and traffic, the character of future development, and needed zoning changes to accomplish study goals. 2006
West Cambridge Neighborhood Study 2007 recommendations by a study committee composed of neighborhood residents working with CDD staff covering housing, land use and zoning, urban design, transportation, open space, institutional uses, and economic development. West Cambridge 2007
Strawberry Hill Study Update 2007 2007 update to the 1999 Strawberry Hill Neighborhood Study. Strawberry Hill 2007
Yerxa Road Underpass Project Final Evaluation 2007 post-construction evaluation of the Yerxa Road Underpass Project. Neighborhood Nine 2007
Growth Policy Update 2007 The Growth Policy document outlines the planning assumptions and policies guiding the physical planning of Cambridge. Citywide 2007
Agassiz Neighborhood Study 2008 Update 2008 Update to Agassiz Neighborhood Study issued in 2003, with an Addendum in 2004. Agassiz 2008
Bicycle Parking Guide Spells out the various requirements and guidelines regarding bicycle parking on private property in Cambridge. Citywide 2008
North Cambridge Neighborhood Study 2008 Update 2008 update to 1990 North Cambridge Neighborhood Study. North Cambridge 2008
Porter Square Post Construction Evaluation 2008 study evaluating reconstruction and redesign of Porter Square and surrounding streets. 2008
Wellington-Harrington Study 2009 Update 2009 update to 1996 Wellington-Harrington Neighborhood Study, previously updated in 2005. Wellington-Harrington 2009
Interim Climate Recommendations on Moving Cambridge Forward on Climate Protection This report identifies several priority areas for energy use reduction and on which the city should focus and offers recommendations for implementation and further research. Citywide 2009
Central Square Customer Intercept Survey Summary Report 2009 report with results of survey used to develop a better understanding of what Cambridge residents and Central Square customers want in the Central Square commercial district. 2009