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Additional Publications

In addition to the reports and other documents listed in the Publications Directory, the Department produces a number of other reports and newsletters on a regular basis.  These include the following:

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For paper copies and to obtain more information about a publication please contact the Community development Department at 617/349-4600 or

Document Name Description Geography Year
Zoning Guide Provides a non-technical overview of zoning in the City of Cambridge, covering basic definitions, the types of zoning districts and their dimensional requirements and the boards involved in zoning decisions. Citywide 2004
Area Four Neighborhood Study 2004 Update First update to Area Four Neighborhood Study issued in 1995. Area Four 2004
Agassiz Neighborhood Study 2004 Addendum 2004 Addendum to Agassiz Neighborhood Study issued in 2003. Agassiz 2004
Green Building Annex Article discussing the reconstruction of the City Hall Annex office building as a Green Building using the guidelines of the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Mid-Cambridge 2004
North Point Design Guidelines 2003 2003 guidelines providing a framework for the design of a livable mixed community in the North Point area of Cambridge. East Cambridge 2003
Riverside Neighborhood Study 2003 2003 report with recommendations developed by a study committee composed of neighborhood residents worked with CDD staff. Cover housing, land use and zoning, urban design, transportation, open space, institutional uses, and economic development. Updates 1992 report. Riverside 2003
Agassiz Neighborhood Study Recommendations by a study committee composed of neighborhood residents working with CDD staff covering housing, land use and zoning, urban design, transportation, open space, institutional uses, and economic development. Agassiz 2003
Cambridgeport Neighborhood Study 2003 Update 2003 update to Cambridgeport Neighborhood Study issued in 2000. Cambridgeport 2003
Rooftop Mechanicals Task Force Recommendations 2003 report evaluating visual and acoustic issues relating to placement of commercial mechanical equipment, particularly on rooftops in large-scale new development. Citywide 2003
Harvard Square Development Guidelines Guidance for future, incremental growth and change in the Harvard Square Overlay District pertaining to new construction and renovation. Referenced in Zoning Ordinance, Article 20.50. 2002
Climate Protection Plan The 2002 Climate Protection Plan discusses the nature of climate change and the options for local action. Citywide 2002
Economic Development Building Permit Brochure Brochure explaining who needs a building permit and how to apply for one. Citywide 2002
Trolley Square Study 2002 2002 summary of recommendations from the Trolley Square Committee appointed to advise the City on future uses for the former MBTA trolley yard site at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Cameron Avenue. North Cambridge 2002
Eastern Cambridge Planning Board Guidelines Guidelines adopted in October 2001 as part of the effort to help define the character of future development in Eastern Cambridge. 2001
Eastern Cambridge Planning Study Report Zoning and non-zoning recommendations from the 2001 Eastern Cambridge Planning Study, as well as visions for specific focus areas. 2001