Cambridge Redevelopment Authority

The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (CRA) undertakes urban redevelopment projects and other activities provided for in the enabling legislation. In recent years the CRA has focused its attention on the Kendall Square area. While the CRA works with the Community Development Department on occasion, the Authority is not staffed by CDD and is not under the Department's jurisdiction.

CRA Web Site

Be sure to visit the new CRA web site at

Cambridge Redevelopment Authority Membership

  • Kathleen L. Born, Chair (5 year term)
  • D. Margaret Drury, Vice Chair (5 year term)
  • Christopher F. Bator, Treasurer (3 year term)
  • Conrad Crawford, Assistant Treasurer (4 year term)
  • Barry Zevin, Assistant Secretary (State appointee)

Meetings and Agendas

The CRA holds regular Board meetings, usually on a monthly basis.  Agendas, minutes and other meeting materials are found on the CRA web site.


 More documents will be forthcoming:

See also the documents What is Urban Renewal and How to Organize an Urban Renewal Authority on the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development web site.

City of Cambridge Ames Street Land Disposition

The City has proposed selling a 20-foot wide strip of public land along the eastern edge of Ames Street between Main Street and Broadway in Kendall Square. The land would be sold to a private owner with the condition that it would be combined with adjacent land to enable the construction of a residential building with ground floor retail.

Learn more about this project.

Innovation Boulevard

The Innovation Boulevard project comprised the construction of a linear park parallel to the Grand Junction rail line, which will be situated along the westerly edge of Galileo Galilei Way between Main Street and Binney Street. This project has been folded into the first phase of Grand Junction Path Project. Treatment of this green space will be reviewed as part of the Eastern Cambridge Open Space Study.

For More Information

For more information about the CRA please contact Tom Evans, Executive Development Officer, at or 617/492-6801. The CRA's offices are located at One Cambridge Center, 4th floor, Cambridge, MA 02142.