Letters of Commitment Referenced in the Zoning Ordinance

Some sections of the Zoning Ordinance refer to Letters of Commitment describing agreements between the City of Cambridge and a property owner or developer related to a particular zoning change.

As a public service, electronic copies of referenced Letters of Commitment are provided on this web site. For questions about these or other official documents on record with the City of Cambridge, please contact the Office of the City Clerk.

PLEASE NOTE: These online documents are provided for reference and convenience only. The print versions of the referenced documents, along with any amendments that may have been made subsequent to the most recent update to the print versions, remain the official versions. If any discrepancies exist between the documents on file at the Office of the City Clerk and the electronic documents available on this site, the print versions shall be considered correct.

Letter Date Related Ordinance  Referenced In 
Boston Properties (MXD Rezoning) December 21, 2015 #1377 Section 14.39
253 Walden Street Memorandum of Understanding (attached to Ordinance #1372) October 5, 2015 #1372  Section 19.44
Mass and Main (Normandy/Twining) May 18, 2015 #1368  Section 20.307 
Whitehead Institute March 26, 2015 #1365 Section 14.72
MIT PUD-5 Petition for Kendall Square April 8, 2013 #1355 Section 13.80
Forest City Petition to amend CRDD boundaries and regulations (#3) February 25, 2013 #1354 Article 15.000
Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research June 20, 2011 #1338  Section 17.608
EF December 13, 2010  #1337  Sections 13.37.0, 13.74 
Boston Properties August 2, 2010 #1334  Subsection 14.32.2
Lesley University June 22, 2009 #1327  Section 20.506
Alexandria Real Estate Equities February 9, 2009 #1319  Subsection 13.59.8
Harvard University October 27, 2003 #1269 Sections 17.305, 17.505, 17.506 

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