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Over the past decades, life sciences, technology have emerged as an important focus of the Cambridge economy. With our roots in the American Revolution, Cambridge continues to be one of the most innovative cities on the planet. Our history of revolutionary thinking forms the backdrop for the current revolutions in genomic research, nanotechnology, clean energy, big data, and brain science.

We are excited to be one of the world's major innovation centers. Moving forward, new people and ideas are welcomed as we work toward the goal of keeping Cambridge true to itself - celebrating our diverse history as we look to an ever-improving future. The City provides assistance with start-ups, growing, and established companies in a variety of industries. We help your business needs by identifying opportunities in our growing industries, promoting Cambridge as the location to do business, and connect companies with municipal and state resources. If you need help navigating zoning and permitting or connecting with others in your industry - we are here to help.

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For more information and technical assistance, please contact Lisa Hemmerle, or at 617/349-4616.