Congratulations Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities

CCTV’s Organization of the Year


The board and staff of the Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities (CCPD) are thrilled to report that CCPD, along with Tutoring Plus, will be honored with an Organization of the Year Award by Cambridge Community Television (CCTV).

CCTV is a nationally recognized nonprofit community media center that serves as a voice and a vision of all residents, businesses and organizations in the City of Cambridge. This annual award is given to the organization that has made the best use of CCTV services. CCPD is being recognized for the PSAs they have created to bring awareness to certain disability-related issues, such as the rights of people who use service animals and the importance of not petting or distracting service animals while they are working.

CCPD works to reduce and eliminate the barriers that people with disabilities experience in their community.

"We are particularly thankful to our Pro Bono Associate, Joanna Berton Martinez, who has produced these PSAs with us over the past year, taking charge of the technical aspects of the video production," said Michael Muehe, CCPD's Executive Director.

Ms. Martinez will be accepting this award on behalf of CCPD at CCTV's upcoming Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 24 at 6 p.m., at 438 Massachusetts Ave. in Central Square, Cambridge. All interested persons are welcome to attend this event. For more information, visit:

See three of these videos (more to come soon) on YouTube at:

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