February Vacation Week


photo of girls playing

The Youth Centers and Community Schools will offer various programs during the February School Vacation Week. 

The Afterschool and Preschool Programs will offer "Full Day" programming during the February School Vacation Week.

The table below contains contact information and Flyers that are available. Questions should be directed to the individual Community School or Youth Center.

Community School View Flyer Phone Email Program
Amigos-Cambridgeport View Flyer 617-349-6824 Email Amigos CS
Elm Street View Flyer 617-349-6307 Email Elm St CS
Fitzgerald View Flyer 617-349-6302 Email Fiztgerald CS
Fletcher Maynard View Flyer 617-349-6295 Email FM CS
Haggerty View Flyer 617-349-6264 Email Haggerty CS
Harrington View Flyer 617-349-6305 Email Harrington CS
Kennedy View Flyer 617-349-6308 Email Kennedy CS
Linnaean Street View Flyer 617-349-6267 Email Linnaean CS
Longfellow View Flyer 617-349-6260 Email Longfellow CS
MLK Jr. View Flyer 617-349-6269 Email MLK CS
Morse View Flyer 617-349-6291 Email Morse CS
Tobin View Flyer 617-349-6300 Email Tobin CS
Youth Centers View Flyer Phone Email Program
Teen Program View Flyer 617-349-6262 Email Youth Center
Teen Program Tour View Flyer 617-349-6262 Email Youth Center
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