Preschool Enrollment & Financial Assistance

Preschool Student

Enrollment is open to all Cambridge residents or city workers on a first-come-first serve basis.  The enrollment process is as follows:

  • Visit our programs;
  • Fill out a Waitlist Enrollment Form.  Please email the Enrollment Coordinator, Chandra Green, if you have enrollment questions or need assistance obtaining a wait list enrollment form. She can be reached by phone at (617) 349-6254.  
    (Note: This form does not enroll you into a program.  It places you on the waitlist for the programs you have selected.);
  • Keep the postcard confirming our receipt of your Waitlist Enrollment Form;
  • Once a space is available, you will receive a phone call from the Enrollment Coordinator;
  • Meet with the Enrollment Coordinator to fill-out and submit enrollment forms

    Since preschool programs may have a long waitlist, families are encouraged to put their child on the waitlist as soon as he or she turns one.

    Financial Assistance Information

    The City of Cambridge offers scholarships based on income, and family size.  Fees are determined on a sliding scale.

  • CITY SCHOLARSHIP: The City of Cambridge Department of Human Service Programs has a limited amount of funds available for tuition assistance for families enrolled in either a DHSP preschool or after school program whose parents/guardians are either working or training 20hrs or Part-time school (bachelors or associates only). Your family’s total gross income may not exceed $46,550 for a family of 4. As scholarships are based on gross monthly income, family size and Cambridge residency, you will be asked to supply required documentation at the time of registration. Other forms of documentation may also be required where necessary. (PLEASE DO NOT SEND DOCUMENTATION WITH THIS FORM.) For more information call Childcare Enrollment Coordinator at 617-349-6254.

  • VOUCHER: We accept vouchers for both full-time and Part-time preschool and After-School programs. Vouchers are issued by the CCRC (Childcare Resource Center) located at 130 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge. For more information or to be place on the EEC waitlist call 617-547-1063.

  • Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC Slots): DHSP has a limited number of subsidies funded by (EEC), these subsidies are for parents who are working or training 30hrs weekly or who are full-time student (undergraduates only) , earn up to 50% or less of the state median income (approximately $34’512 for a family of three). Families must meet EEC income eligibility and service need guidelines. Parents pay fees based on their gross monthly income. Slots are for Full Day licensed Preschool services only. These slots are waitlisted and are filled upon slot avail-ability. For more information or to be placed on the EEC waitlist please call 617-547-1063.