Summer Youth Programs

Cambridge Youth Programs has five exciting summer programs for your child.
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Russell Youth Center
summer youth The Discovery Program will take place in our state-of-the art facility and provide opportunities for youth to develop a wide range of interests and to express themselves through performing and visual arts, science exploration, sports and other fun activities. Youth participate in a variety of classes that are designed for all skill levels and focus on mastery of new skills.
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Frisoli Youth Center
summer youth The Girls Empowerment Program is for young women to explore a host of enriching activities including volleyball, self-defense, tennis, swimming, arts, science and other academic areas, field trips and more. The curriculum is designed to build the confidence and self-esteem of the young women in the program and build community.
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Gately Youth Center 
summer youth The Middle School Summer Program is designed especially for youth entering 6th, 7th or 8th grades, the program offers a variety of fun and enriching activities ranging from sports and arts instruction to creating and teaching workshops to peers and younger youth. Healthy living and leadership development are central themes in the curriculum.
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Area IV Youth Center 
summer youth The Sports Leadership Program is for boys and girls interested in learning, practicing, and playing sports for the summer. Each youngster will be involved in soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis, and more. The daily schedule is a physically active combination of fitness activities with specific sports instruction and competition. While the emphasis is on athletics, activities will also focus on enrichment, leadership and sportsmanship.
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Moore Youth Center 
summer youth  The Mission 13 is a new, free, pilot program for 13 year olds that will offer them to earn a $150 stipend while engaging in leadership and pre-workforce skills development through career and college exploration. Activities will include: hands on, experiential learning, exploring local college campuses, identifying interests and job shadowing.