Data Downloads

Get information and links to Data Download pages available on our GIS site and posted on GitHub.

Downloadable ESRI Shapefile and File Geodatabase GIS Data is now available through our GIS Data Dictionary!

Our Data Dictionary pages include easy to navigate and easy to use download options. GIS metadata is pulled directly from our database and served out to you. Certain datasets will be available in a number of formats. Keep checking back for more updates.

GeoJSON GIS Data Layers are available on GitHub

We are have put most of our GIS layers on the Open Source Web site GitHub. Developers can consume the data for Web maps using either Open Source map clients or proprietary GIS software. The layers are in GeoJSON format, and the layers have been projected to WGS84. They can be individually downloaded or viewed within the MapBox feature on the site. Please note that some of the larger layers are not available on GitHub. We are working on that with TopoJSON and expect to have those larger files available before the end of August 2013. For more info on the GeoJSON file format, visit:

Visit the Cambridge GitHub Page to check out the data.