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Intersection improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

The City is developing plans to improve the intersection of Hampshire St and Cambridge St in Inman Square.  

At the recent public meeting on Tuesday, July 25,  city and design team staff recapped project history to date, and presented a discussion of opportunities and considerations relevant to the plaza design. 

We expect the next community meeting to take place in September.

Please visit the Documents tab for all project-related materials. 

To be added to the project email list, please contact Kelly Dunn, DPW Community Relations Manager at

Staff hosted a community meeting on Tuesday, July 25.  We expect the next meeting to take place in September. 

We expect the design process to continue throughout the spring, summer and fall, with construction starting over the winter.

Please check back for updates and visit the Documents tab for more information on the project.

Inman Square is a vibrant commercial and residential area, with a roadway network that serves high volumes of people who walk, bike, ride transit, and drive. The geometry of Inman Square is defined by the severe skew of the intersection of Cambridge Street with Hampshire Street at this seven-leg signalized intersection. Hampshire Street, Cambridge Street, and Springfield Street all intersect in the Square, and the one-way streets, Antrim Street and Inman Street, branch off the intersection. There are nine pedestrian crosswalks in the Square while three MBTA bus routes travel through the intersection.

 The unusual geometry and high number of streets in the intersection cause safety and operational challenges for all users. The size and complexity of the intersection is challenging for bicyclists and drivers, while pedestrians face long delays waiting to safely cross.

In the summer of 2015, the City hired the consulting firm Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) to study the intersection. The goals of the study included improving safety and simplifying operation of the intersection for all users, continuing to support the local residential and business communities, and developing short and mid-term improvements for the Square. The City first shared the results of the study publically in June and the report will be finalized shortly and made available here.

The City of Cambridge is expediting planned changes to the Inman Square Intersection to improve the safety and operation of the intersection for all users.

For more information on the history of this project, visit the Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation website.

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