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Intersection improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Inman Square Intersection Improvements
Community Meeting: Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

We have been listening carefully, have heard you, and want to get this once in a generation project “right”.

The City is developing plans to provide safety improvements benefiting all users at the intersection of Hampshire Street and Cambridge Street in Inman Square. Over the course of the past year, we have incorporated community feedback from several public forums and moved towards a concept plan believed to have broad community and stakeholder support.

Before finalizing the design for this significant capital project, however, the City wants to make sure that it not only meets project safety goals, but also satisfies other community goals and desires. The currently proposed concept involves significant reconfiguration of the public open space of Inman Square, particularly Mayor Alfred E. Vellucci Community Plaza. We have received feedback that we should more fully develop and evaluate an alternative design option, which minimizes changes to the existing footprint of Vellucci Plaza. We have done so, and the main objective of the January 30 meeting will be to present this alternative concept, and to review the differences between the two concepts in terms of various criteria including safety, operations and delay for all modes, convenience and clarity, resident and business parking and loading, environmental and open space impact, and urban design.

The City is confident that either concept will satisfy the main multi-modal safety objectives of the project, while providing acceptable operations for all users, including pedestrians, bicycles, transit users, and private and commercial vehicles. For us to move forward with the project, however, it is critical that we get additional community feedback.

Inman Square Intersection Improvements Community Meeting
Tuesday, January 30th, 2018
Cambridge Public Library (Main Branch), Lower Level (L2)
449 Broadway
Presentation: 6:00-6:45 pm
Community Feedback: 6:45-8:00 pm

For more information on this project, please visit To be added to the project email list, please contact KyAnn Anderson, Community Relations Manager, at

The Inman Square Intersection Improvements Community Meeting scheduled for Tuesday December 5, 2017, is being postponed and will be rescheduled for a new date in January 2018. The City Manager, Deputy City Manager, and numerous staff have been meeting with various stakeholder groups to discuss the preferred design proposal. Based on the feedback received, the project team needs more time to perform additional analyses and further refine the project design, so that they can present the community with the most complete information regarding the intersection and plaza layout.

Once a new date is confirmed, an additional notice will be sent out announcing the date, time, and location of the rescheduled community meeting.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause and hope you are able to attend the future meeting.


Inman Square Intersection Improvements
Community Meeting: Tuesday, December 5th - POSTPONED

The City is developing plans to improve the intersection of Hampshire Street and Cambridge Street in Inman Square. The next public meeting for this project will be held on Tuesday, December 5th, at the Main Library, Lower Level (L2) from 6-8pm.

As we move towards a final design for the project, this meeting will focus on design revisions incorporated through community input, traffic simulation modeling, and present three concepts our team has developed for the Vellucci Plaza. We encourage community members to attend to learn more about the design options for this important public space and to provide feedback.

We will also recap the project history to date, provide an overview of the proposed intersection design, and review changes that have been made based on input from residents, business owners, and roadway users. After the presentation, staff will facilitate an open discussion.

For more information on this project, please visit To be added to the project email list, please contact KyAnn Anderson, Community Relations Manager, at

The City is developing plans to improve the intersection of Hampshire St and Cambridge St in Inman Square.  

At the recent public meeting on Tuesday, July 25,  city and design team staff recapped project history to date, and presented a discussion of opportunities and considerations relevant to the plaza design. 

Please visit the Documents tab for all project-related materials. 

To be added to the project email list, please visit the Contact tab.

The design process continues and construction is anticipated to start in Spring 2018.

Please check the Updates tab for more up-to-date information  and visit the Documents tab for more information on the project.

Inman Square is a vibrant commercial and residential area, with a roadway network that serves high volumes of people who walk, bike, ride transit, and drive. The geometry of Inman Square is defined by the severe skew of the intersection of Cambridge Street with Hampshire Street at this seven-leg signalized intersection. Hampshire Street, Cambridge Street, and Springfield Street all intersect in the Square, and the one-way streets, Antrim Street and Inman Street, branch off the intersection. There are nine pedestrian crosswalks in the Square while three MBTA bus routes travel through the intersection.

The unusual geometry and high number of streets in the intersection cause safety and operational challenges for all users. The size and complexity of the intersection is challenging for bicyclists and drivers, while pedestrians face long delays waiting to safely cross.

In the summer of 2015, the City hired the consulting firm Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) to study the intersection. The goals of the study included improving safety and simplifying operation of the intersection for all users, continuing to support the local residential and business communities, and developing short and mid-term improvements for the Square. The City first shared the results of the study publicly in June and the report will be finalized shortly and made available here.

The City of Cambridge is expediting planned changes to the Inman Square Intersection to improve the safety and operation of the intersection for all users.

For more information on the Inman Square Transportation Safety Study, and interim changes that have been implemented to improve the safety of the intersection until the City's redesign project is completed, please visit the Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation website.

KyAnn Anderson.
Community Relations

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