Interim Signage Plan

Interim Signage Plan 2012-2013

To ensure that signs throughout Fresh Pond Reservation are in good condition and clearly communicate necessary information.

Comments and suggestions from Fresh Pond users are welcome through June 30th, 2013.

Write to or mail a response to:

David Kaplan, Watershed Manager

Cambridge Water Department

250 Fresh Pond Parkway

Cambridge, MA 02138


For the full 2013 Interim Signage Report, please see the "Documents" tab of this project page.

The Interim Signage Plan began in 2012 and will continue through 2013 until all signs throughout the Reservation are in good condition and clearly communicate  necessary information.


The goals of the Interim Signage Plan are to ensure that signs throughout Fresh Pond Reservation are in good condition and that they clearly communicate necessary information. The plan aims to ensure that all signs are posted in appropriate locations, are an appropriate size, conform to Fresh Pond Master Plan Signage Standards, and provide consistent and current information. This Interim Signage Plan gives the public an opportunity to comment and make suggestions that can be incorporated into the final signage plan.




Implementation of this plan involved taking inventory of all existing permanent and temporary signs throughout Fresh Pond Reservation and in storage, identifying signs that need to come down, signs in need of replacement, and signs that need to be revised either in content or design. Content, size, material, number and location of new signs were specified and reviewed by the Cambridge Water Department (CWD). Then new signs were made and installed by the CWD’s Watershed Division. In addition to signs, new bulletin boards are being installed in three locations: at Black’s Nook, behind the gravel shed at Kingsley Park and outside the Welcome Center at the Water Treatment Plant. The purpose of these bulletin boards is to enhance public access to relevant information. Bulletin boards at Black’s Nook and the Welcome Center will be used to post relevant information about restoration work, plants and wildlife, public programs offered through the CWD and the Friends of Fresh Pond, public meetings and volunteer opportunities. The space behind the gravel shed at Kingsley Park will be used to post Norms of Behavior, a map of the Cambridge Watershed and a map of Fresh Pond Reservation. Wooden sandwich board signs will be used at all major entrances to announce CWD public meetings and major events.




105 new signs have been installed. Many old signs were removed due to poor quality or inconsistent message. Signs at restoration areas were changed to maintain a consistent message and design. ‘Dog Regulations at Fresh Pond’ signs posted on Mutt Mitt dispensers were modified in content and design to enhance clarity and readability. ‘No Trespassing’ signs along the perimeter fence were removed due to poor condition and inconsistent design and content. New signs on the perimeter fence are now all identical. Rules and regulations posted at Black’s Nook, Lusitania Meadow and Maher Park have been replaced with Norms of Behavior, which were written as part of the Fresh Pond Reservation Shared Use Process. Additional Norms of Behavior signs will be posted at the bottom of the Golf Course Clubhouse, at the path at the corner of Huron Avenue and Fresh Pond Parkway and behind the gravel shed at Kingsley Park. New temporary signs are in use along the Perimeter Road to alert the public on the day of every high school cross-country race.




Most signs have been made in-house by the CWD. This has allowed flexibility to make changes as needed. Signs at restoration areas have been printed on paper, laminated and mounted on plywood. Remaining signs are printed on waterproof Tyvek and mounted on either plywood or PVC boards. Aluminum ‘No Trespassing’ signs installed on the perimeter fence were custom made.


Additional Materials


Poison Ivy signs posted on the perimeter fence were replaced with information sheets, which are available inside the Welcome Center. Copies of dog regulations posted at Mutt Mitt dispensers are also be available at the Welcome Center.

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