Tree Removal Underway at Kingsley Park

6:00 AM January 13 - 8:00 PM January 28, 2014

Walter J. Sullivan Water Treatment Facility
250 Fresh Pond Pkwy.

Kirsten Lindquist,, (617) 349-6489

From January 13-16, 2014, trees in the grove at the top of Kingsley Park will be thinned as a preliminary work for the Phase I Kingsley Restoration Project.  Kingsley Park will remain open during this time.  However, please exercise extra caution around active areas of work and machinery.  All dogs should be leashed in this area during this time for their own safety.

This tree removal project will take Norway maples (Acer platanoides), an invasive tree species, out of the forest to encourage re-growth of a native trees and shrubs, such as evergreens, oaks, and sugar maples.  The trees removed this winter will be replaced with 570 native tree and shrubs to be planted in the Spring-Fall of 2014. 

Thank you for your patience during the course of this, and other, restoration projects at Fresh Pond Reservation.  Your cooperation allows us to keep our City's urban oasis and water supply clean, healthy and beautiful!

Please call or email at the contacts above for more information.