Purple Loosestrife Data Collection

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Sunday, October 27, 2013

Walter J. Sullivan Water Treatment Facility
250 Fresh Pond Pkwy.

Kirsten Lindquist, fpr@cambridgema.gov, (617) 349-6489

data collection flyer

Help track purple loosestrife, a highly invasive wetland plant at Fresh Pond!  This will be science in action: we need volunteers to assist in collecting data on the the population and growth of purple loosestrife at the Reservation.  Though appreciated, no previous knowledge is necessary; training will be provided.  Comfortable sneakers/boots, weather-appropriate clothing, and water are recommended.

Why are we monitoring this plant?  In 2006, the Water Department and Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation were granted permission from the state to release Galerucella beetles, the purple loosestrife’s natural predator, as a pilot biocontrol project to manage the weed.  Data on how the purple loosestrife population is responding to this predation is crucial to potential future biocontrol projects and offers valuable information to other groups in the Northeast. 

Please register with Kirsten at (617) 349-6489 or fpr@cambridgema.gov.