Watershed Properties

In addition to the reservoirs and surrounding borders, the City of Cambridge owns parcels of land in the upper watershed to ensure that this land will be conserved.  The conservation of land in the upper watershed is crucial to the protection of raw water quality, because the development of land has been shown to decrease infiltration of rainwater and increase of runoff.  Urban runoff carries sediment, nutrients, and car-related materials into the water supply and could degrade the quality of water.

The City of Cambridge also maintains good relationships with land trusts and conservation commissions throughout the watershed to help conserve and create new property order of conditions.  These conditions ensure that property will be used in more environmentally-friendly ways and will not degrade the Cambridge water supply.

The City of Cambridge owns and protects a variety of land throughout the watershed.  These lands include woodlands, wetlands, and meadows.  Most of this land is open to the public for passive use.


Infrastructure and Properties Locations

The Cambridge Parcels, Infrastructure GIS map (available below) shows the location of most Cambridge infrastructure and properties.

SWPP Parcels Thumbnail