What's New

Follow the links below to see new and updated information about the Watershed Division and relevant topics.

  • New USGS Report, Published 2017

    Loads and Yields of Deicing Compounds and Total Phosphorus in the Cambridge Drinking-Water Source Area, Massachusetts, Water Years 2009-15

  • Source Water Quality Report 2016

    Source Water Quality Report 2016

  • Drought Presentation

    A PDF of the Drought Information Session presentation delivered on Thursday, April 13th, 2017.

  • EcoCounter Results 2016

    This report presents a summary of the 2016 data from user surveys and people-counting sensors around Fresh Pond Reservation. Results include estimated average hourly, daily, and monthly visitors, and a breakdown of users by recreation type.

  • 2016 Site Monitoring Report

    Highlights include: Drainage improvements to the perimeter road at Fresh Pond at Glacken Slope, and completed Route 2 Bridge reconstruction and Rt. 128 resurfacing which included new best management practices.

  • Algae Monitoring Program

    An overview of CWD algal monitoring program.

  • Watershed Points of Interest Interactive Map

    Take a virtual journey into the Cambridge watershed with this Storymap! Learn about the bodies of water that feed Fresh Pond, see the historical gatehouses and infrastructure, and understand how the water is monitored and treated before arriving at your tap.