What's New

Follow the links below to see new and updated information about the Watershed Division and relevant topics.

  • Algae Monitoring Program

    An overview of CWD algal monitoring program.

  • Ecocounter Annual Summary 2015

    This report presents a summary of the 2015 data from user surveys and people-counting sensors around Fresh Pond Reservation. Results include estimated average hourly, daily, and monthly visitors, and a breakdown of users by recreation type.

  • Semi-annual Site Monitoring Report, December 2015

    Highlights include: a proposed wet meadow restoration project in Weston, ongoing construction and improvements along Route 2 and 128 that will result in 5 new stormwater treatment and spill containment basins, improvements to 8 existing basins along Route 128, and the creation of vegetated swales in the Route 2 median.