No Parking on Odd Side of Pearl Street Until Further Notice

No Parking Until Further Notice Traffic Clearance” flip signs on odd numbered side of Pearl Street (between Franklin St. and Putnam Ave.) are in effect.

This urgent request is required to ensure Pearl Street remains unobstructed for emergency and MBTA vehicles. Any vehicle remaining on the odd side of the street will be tagged and may be towed if Cambridge Police deem the vehicle to be obstructing traffic.

Pearl Street will be evaluated daily and the parking restriction will remain in effect until it is safe to allow parking on both sides of the street. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact David Soares, Traffic Engineer, at 617-349-4713 or by e-mail at or visit

About Temporary Flip Signs for No Parking on Certain Streets Even When Snow Emergency Parking Bans are Lifted

There are several streets in the City which handle a lot of traffic but are so narrow that when snow banks become high, parking can block the travel lane.  The City installed a new type of flip sign to handle special circumstances that prohibit parking even when a citywide snow emergency parking ban has been lifted. Affected streets include:  Bigelow Street, Inman Street, Pearl Street, & Oxford Street. Please make sure to check physical signage when parking on these streets

The sign folds in the middle, so when it is closed no message is shown.  When the City has determined that the street can no longer accommodate 2 sided parking and keep the travel lane open, the signs are open to display the message "Tow Zone, No Parking until Further Notice, Narrow Roadway."  The most likely use of these signs would be when a snow emergency parking ban is being lifted citywide but one of these streets cannot allow the lifting of the parking ban.  At those times the sign will be opened by TP&T to display the message and parking will remain restricted until the parking restriction can be safely lifted.

Closed Sign:

Flip Sign Closed 

Open Sign (below) indicates No Parking Until Further Notice, which may occur on designated streets listed above even when a Snow Emergency Parking Ban has been lifted:

Flip Sign Open to Indicate No Parking Until Further Notice