Paddy's 5K Road Race Sunday Sept. 29

Paddy's 5K Road Race Sunday, Sept. 29 will include rolling closure from 10-10:40 a.m. at the following locations: 

Departing from Walden St./Sherman St. Cross Over
Walden St//Raymond St. -- Take Rt Onto Raymond
Raymond St./ Linnaean St. -- Take Rt Onto Linnaean
Linnaean St./Garden St. -- Take Left Onto Garden
Garden St./Chauncy Ext -- Take Rt Onto Chauncy St Ext
Chauncy Ext/Concord Ave. -- Take Rt Onto Concord
Concord Ave/Manassas Ave -- Take Left onto Manassas
Manassas Ave/Huron Ave -- Take Left Onto Huron 
Huron Ave/Sparks St -- Take Left Onto Sparks St (this is a Water Station location)
Sparks St/Brattle St. -- Take Rt Onto Brattle
Brattle St./Lakeview Ave -- Take Rt Onto Lakeview
Lakeview Ave/Huron Ave -- Take Rt Onto Huron
Huron Ave/Reservoir St. -- Take Left Onto Reservoir
Reservoir St/Walden St Cross Over
Concord Av Continue Onto Walden
End Race After Walden/Garden

Race Day Contact: Ruth Allen, 617-448-2273.









Visiting City Hall

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