Street Cleaning Cancelled for rest of week through Friday, Dec. 20

Street Cleaning has been cancelled for rest of this week through Friday, Dec. 20

Please remember: Ice and Snow-Free Sidewalks are Everyone’s Responsibility. 

Plowing Operations
The Department of Public Works crews have been clearing and salting since Saturday, and will continue into this evening salting and will also conduct overnight bus stop/ pedestrian ramp operations.  Your patience and participation help the City return streets and sidewalks to safe, passable conditions as quickly as possible. 

Keep Sidewalks Clear
City Ordinance requires property owners to remove snow from sidewalks next to their property or business within 12 hours of daytime snowfall and before 1 p.m. when it has fallen overnight. They must also remove or melt all ice within 6 hours of the time it forms.  There is a $50 fine for each day of non-compliance.  If you are away, it is still your responsibility to ensure that someone clears sidewalks next to your property.  Remember to: 

• Shovel your sidewalk on all sides of your property, down to bare pavement
• Make path at least 3 feet wide
• Clear ramps at corners and crosswalks
Clear snow to curb so that collection crews can access trash barrels and recycling toters, and they are not behind snow banks
• Chop or melt all ice
• Keep catch basins/street drains clear of snow
• Consider helping neighbors who may have difficulty clearing their walk.

Disabled or elderly persons who qualify as low-income residents may be eligible for an exemption. Call the Cambridge Council on Aging, 617-349-6220 (voice) or 617-349-6050 (TTY) to learn more.

For Hubway Updates, visit:
Please note that most Cambridge Hubway stations will remain open as able through the winter as part of a pilot program. As part of the pilot program, snow removal will become part of the daily responsibilities of the Hubway field team. The team, coordinated by Hubway’s dispatch office, is on the street from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. every day, and is stocked with equipment to keep stations clear of snow and ice.

For more information, or to report an unshoveled or icy sidewalk, call 617-349-4903; use Cambridge iReport app on your smartphone or visit