Tavern to Tavern 5k Road Race Sunday September 22 2013

Here are the restrictions for Sunday's Tavern to Tavern: September 22, 2013 

Upland Rd from Mass Ave to Richdale Ave will be closed to traffic from 8:30am-11:00am. 

There will be rolling closures on the following: 

Upland Rd up to Raymond St from 10:00am-10:05 

Raymond St from Upland to Walden St from 10:03-10:06 

Walden St from Raymond St to Huron Ave from 10:03-10:12 

Huron Ave from Resorvoir to Lexington Ave from 10:05-10:14 

Lexington Ave from 10:07-10:18 

Brattle St from Lexington to Appleton St from 10:08-10:20 

Appleton St to Huron Ave from 10:10- 10:25 

Huron Ave from Appleton to Raymond St from 10:12- 10:30 

Raymond St to Upland Rd from 10:20-10:33

Upland Rd from 10:14-10:40

 Contact Person:  Paul Clark – 781-258-1914

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