Upcoming Events

  • Aug. 18

    Art City Cambridge - Local Artist Showcase

    Art City Cambridge and Cambridge Arts present: Local Artist Showcase at Gallery 344.

  • Aug. 26

    Linda Peck’s Van Gogh Starry Night

    A variety and magic show involving audience participation and historical reference to Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

  • Aug. 27

    The Big Picture

    In the Big Picture workshop women will learn basic photography skills and participate in a city-wide collaborative photography project exploring the intersection of science, religion, and visual art.

  • Aug. 28

    Kendall Square Business Association Movie Night Featuring: Cocek! Brass Band

    Balkan brass band and dancer in full costume lead the family around in traditional Balkan style dance and march.

  • Aug. 31

    Bread and Puppet Theater

    The award-winning Bread and Puppet Theater, from Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, presents their signature Circus featuring a unique visually rich slapstick style of street-theater that is filled with huge puppets made of paper maché and cardboard, along with masked characters, political commentary, and a lively brass band for accompaniment.

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