Upcoming Events

  • Mar. 6

    The Dance Complex_Dances and Installations

    Nearer, Closer...& Other Acts of Intimacy / Dances & Installations

  • Mar. 8

    Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre - Talk About Dance

    The panelists of Talk About Dance focuses on racism in American concert dance training and performance, and draws from their personal and professional experiences and share with us ways we can more equitably provide safe, inclusive environments for the dance students and artists.

  • Mar. 9

    Public Art Commission

    The Public Art Commission provides guidance and advice for the proper administration and implementation of the City’s Public Art/Percent-for-Art Ordinance.

  • Mar. 10

    Maud Morgan Arts_Image of Grief and Healing

    Lecture: Images of Grief and Healing

  • Mar. 14

    Musica Sacra

    Along with an assemblage of some of Boston's finest orchestral musicians and vocal soloists, Musica Sacra explores one of the supreme achievements of classical music.

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