Upcoming Events

  • Aug. 3

    Laura Evans: Conductivity

    Cambridge Arts Gallery 344 presents an exhibition of Laura Evans' work August 3 - October 30, 2015.

  • Sep. 18

    The Trouble With Jellyfish at Le Laboratoire Cambridge

    Contemporary art installation by artist, Mark Dion, based off the research of marine biologist, Lisa-ann Gershwin.

  • Oct. 8

    Catalyst Conversations & HUBweek

    As a part of HUBweek, Catalyst Conversations presents this seminar about beauty and the way humans interpret beauty. Painter Emily Eveleth and Senior Software Engineer at Google and Visiting Researcher at the Broad Institute David Tester will explore the way science and art influence beauty.

  • Oct. 21

    Author Visit: Theresa Brown

    In her new book, clinical nurse and New York Times columnist Theresa Brown invites us to experience not just a day in the life of a nurse but all the life that happens in just one day on a hospital’s cancer ward

  • Oct. 22

    Author Visit: Patrick J. Kennedy

    The former congressman and youngest child of Senator Ted Kennedy visits to discuss his new book, an account of his and his country’s struggle with mental illness, addiction, and mental health care

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