City of Cambridge

Community Preservation Act Committee

Chapter 2.122 of Cambridge Municipal Code, by authority of M.G.L. c. 44B, sec. 5 (Community Preservation Act - "CPA")

Evaluate community preservation needs of the city and make recommendations regarding expenditures from the Community Preservation Fund, consistent with the CPA.

9 members (To include City Manager's designee as Chair, Conservation Commission member, Historic Commission member, Planning Board member, Affordable Housing Trust member and Cambridge Housing Authority member).

5 years

The Committee generally meets in the spring (May/June) to consider proposals for the upcoming fiscal year and then meets in the fall (Sept./Oct) to make recommendations to the City Council.

City Manager’s Office, 617-349-4300

Committee Members:
Lisa C. Peterson, Chair
Gerard Clark
Louis DePasquale
Kevin Foster
Chandra Harrington 
Ellen Shachter
Susan Schlesinger
Albe Simenas
Tiffany Thacher 

Community Preservation Act Website

FY15 CPA Adopted Allocations 9-15-14

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