Half Crown-Marsh Neighborhood Conservation District Commission

Chapter 2.78 of the Cambridge Municipal Code and City Council Order of 2007

Preserve, conserve and protect the distinctive features of the Half Crown neighborhood through identification, conservation, and maintenance of its areas, sites and structures.

5 members, 3 alternates (3 residents and homeowners of neighborhood, 1 neighborhood property owner; 2 shall have professional qualifications in realty, architecture or historic preservation; 1 shall have professional qualifications in landscape architecture, urban planning, law or geotechnical engineering; and 1 representative from Cambridge Historical Commission).

3 years

City Dept: 
Historical Commission, 617-348-4383

Meetings: For additional information, please visit: http://www2.cambridgema.gov/Historic/halfcrown_marsh_home.html


Commission Members:
James Van Sickle, Chair
Robert Banker
Marie P. Dillenseger, Member, 3 year term
Judith Dortz
William King, Member, term to expire on 6/25/16
Dr. Peter Schur, 3 year term
Charles Smith, 3 year term
Judith Dortz, Alternate, 2 year term
James VanSickle, Alternate, 2 year term
Deborah Masterson, Alternate
Michael Robertson, Alternate
Charles Smith, Alternate






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