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Planning Board

Chapter 2.68 of the Cambridge Municipal Code, by authority of Massachusetts General Laws,
Chapter 41, sections 70-72, 81A.

To review plans and proposals under the Special Permit provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and Chapter 40A of the Massachusetts General Laws, propose or review zoning amendments and make recommendations to the City Council, and to engage in general planning efforts to improve the physical environment of the City.

7 members, 2 associates

5 years

Community Development, 617-349-4600

More Information, Meeting Schedule, Agenda and Meeting Transcripts: 

Board Members:  
H. Theodore Cohen, Vice Chair
Catherine Preston Connolly, Vice Chair
Louis J. Bacci, Jr.
Steve Cohen
Mary T. Flynn 
Hugh Russell
Tom Sieniewicz

Associate Members*:
Ahmed Nur
Thacher Tiffany

* Associate members vote when one of the full members is absent or unable to vote.

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