City of Cambridge

Retirement Board

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 32.

To serve the multi-employer defined benefit plan consisting of the members/employees, retirees and beneficiaries of the City of Cambridge, the Cambridge Housing Authority, the Cambridge Public Health Commission and the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority. A five-member Board manages the assets of the system, collects the necessary data to adopt actuarial assumptions necessary to properly fund the System, counsels members and administers retirement, disability and death benefits. The plan was established on July 1, 1939 according to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 32 inclusive.

5 members (Ex-Officio City Auditor, 2 representatives elected by employees and retirees, 1 member appointed by City Manager and the remaining member chosen by the four members)

3 years

Cambridge Retirement System, 617-868-3401
Link to Cambridge Retirement System Website 

Board Members:

Bradford P. Tenney, Chairman
Nadia Chamblin-Foster
Michael P. Gardner
James H. Monagle

Francis E. Murphy, III

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